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At Armour Pest Control we've seen it all. For over 40 years we've helped clients all over the Greater Toronto Area rid their homes, offices, and businesses of unwanted pests and infestations. Our trained and licensed technicians know how to quickly identify the source  of the problem and apply the appropriate treatment, and we'll even keep coming back as many times as required over a six month period until your problem has been resolved , all at no additional charge. We stand by the quality of our work and we would be happy to help you too.

Fast, Effective, Discrete service

No matter what type of home, office, or business you may have, unwanted pests can show up anywhere, anytime. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to tell all the neighbours about it, and we understand. That’s why at Armour Pest Control we arrive in unmarked vehicles and our technicians will do their very best to draw as little attention as possible while they work.

What's bugging you?

Nobody likes sharing a space with unwanted pests, and no one should have to either. While most pests like flies or pill bugs can be a nuisance they are usually fairly harmless, but others can cause more serious problems. Rats can carry disease, moths can destroy your clothes and fabrics, and bed bugs will keep you awake at night with their biting and the uncomfortable skin irritations that follow.

At Armour Pest Control we know how to treat even the most stubborn pests, and we guarantee our results!

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